Hanging out with a Canadian Rockstar

I recently flew to Montreal to record an episode of my podcast Design Masters Canada. When I landed I was met with that horrible moment when you're standing at the baggage carousel and despite 100 people coming and going, your bag doesn't show up. I panicked, part of my equipment is in that #$%^& bag! I immediately zoned in on 'fixer mode'. I hopped in a taxi, went to the Apple store near my hotel to pick up some equipment, then walked to the clothing district to get some new clothes, then to the hotel....then to some vodka. I tested all my equipment, and everything was in order...and then I waited to hear the status of my missing bag, which of course arrived at 3am.

David Usher, the lead singer of rock band Moist, met me in my hotel room where we talked about a lot of great topics. We discussed the environment, David's feelings about creativity and of course music. We even talked about Beavis & Butthead! (a personal favourite of mine as it reminds of my younger brother and I). David was great, approachable and genuinely friendly. This got me thinking about 'celebrities' and whether they really are different than the 'rest of us'. Some of them are, if only in the way they think about themselves, but most of them, if presented with a great idea will see the value in it. I never tried to sell David anything, I was simply interested in learning more about what he's passionate about. A simple conversation.

Wouldn't it be great if every great idea could start as simply as that?

David has agreed to be the keynote speaker at an exclusive CPG event that I founded, the D Event, happening fall of 2016 in Toronto.

If you're interested in hearing my episode with David, you can find it here.

David also has a best-selling book out called "Let The Elephants Run". Go get it here!